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The 5 Best Nurseries in Tunbridge Wells

Which Nursery comes out on top?

If you're a parent seeking quality childcare options in Tunbridge Wells, you're in the right place. Discover some of the finest childcare centres in Kent, providing a range of services to meet diverse childcare needs, including nurseries, preschools, and daycares.

Several of these childcare facilities in Kent have recently opened their doors, presenting exclusive opportunities for parents seeking reliable and nurturing childcare. Take advantage of special offers available for both permanent placements and short-term care!

The 5 Best Nurseries in Tunbridge Wells:

  1. N-family
  2. Banana Moon
  3. Monkey Puzzle.
  4. St George's Nursery
  5. Bright Horizons Woodlands Pre-school


N-family, Tunbridge Wells nestled in the heart of central Tunbridge Wells fosters an environment designed to spark the curiosity and imagination of young learners. They offer a nurturing space filled with engaging features, such as a dedicated art studio and a mini children’s kitchen, encouraging creativity and exploration.

Step outside to a captivating garden area with a climbing frame, water play area, gardening patch, race track, and a delightful teepee for endless active play and discovery. Inside, beautifully designed spaces complement specialist rooms equipped with cutting-edge air purifying technology, ensuring a safe environment for little ones.

Their dedicated art studio and children’s kitchen empower children to explore individual creativity, fostering hands-on learning experiences. Understanding the morning rush, they offer a convenient parent breakfast bar for a smooth start to your day.

Banana Moon

Banana Moon Day Nursery, Tunbridge Wells offers a secure and nurturing environment for children aged three months to school age. Their goal is to provide high-quality childcare while prioritising each child's well-being and development. As part of a franchise, they're supported by an experienced national team, ensuring a safe and fun learning atmosphere.

Their focus is on fostering a space where kids can learn through play, create lasting memories, and express themselves freely. With their 'fingerprint' biometric access system, they ensure secure access for registered parents while maintaining an open-door policy for their convenience and children's.

Monkey Puzzle

Monkey Puzzle, Tunbridge Wells offers a convenient location for families and commuters. Their team prioritises a caring, nurturing approach with a child-centered curriculum. With engaging spaces for children aged three months to five years, they provide top-quality childcare services.

They focus on active community involvement and aim to create valuable connections with local schools and services. Catering to specific age groups, from babies to preschoolers, their specially designed rooms ensure a comfortable atmosphere. Their nursery features ample outdoor spaces and indoor garden areas, allowing year-round outdoor enjoyment for children.

St George's Nursery

St. George’s, located conveniently for families, emphasises a caring, nurturing approach with a child-focused curriculum. Their high-quality childcare services cater to children aged three months to school age, offering engaging spaces and specially designed rooms.

They actively engage with the local community, fostering relationships with nearby schools and services. The nursery provides ample outdoor spaces and indoor garden areas, ensuring year-round outdoor experiences for children of different age groups.

Bright Horizons Woodlands Pre-school

At Bright Horizons Southborough Woodlands Preschool, every child's start in life is cherished. Their Bright Beginnings curriculum is designed to nurture individual needs, fostering confidence, wellbeing, and a love for learning.

Nestled in Southborough's serene woods, the campus offers a delightful setting for exploration. The outdoor space seamlessly blends into nature, inviting children to engage in sensory activities, read in the tepee, and discover nature's wonders. Indoors, tailored rooms offer diverse activities promoting essential learning skills. Their dedicated staff focus on literacy, numeracy, and phonics for preschoolers. Join them for a journey of discovery at Bright Horizons!

Childcare in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Tunbridge Wells hosts a selection of exceptional nurseries each committed to providing a nurturing environment for children. N-family Tunbridge Wells, Monkey Puzzle, St George’s Childcare, Bright Horizons Southborough Woodlands Preschool, and Banana Moon stand as exemplary choices for parents seeking high-quality childcare.

These nurseries go above and beyond in offering tailored programs, safe surroundings, and engaging facilities to promote children's growth and development. Tunbridge Wells residents have the privilege of choosing from these esteemed childcare options, ensuring their children receive exceptional care and opportunities for learning and development.