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Save thousands on your childcare costs today.

Connecting parents with the best Ofsted approved nurseries for a fraction of the cost. Our salary exchange platform eases the financial stress for working parents, through the support of their employer.

See how much you could save with KinSail today.

Working Parents

Save up to 63% on your childcare fees as an employee. Ease the financial anxiety.Learn more about employee benefits


Save on National Insurance, give back to your community and create a positive workforce.Learn more about employer benefits

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Why Kinsail

At Kinsail, we make it simple for parents to search and connect with childcare providers in their area. Our platform streamlines the process, allowing you to find the perfect match for your child's needs quickly and efficiently.

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Free advice

Get the real information you need to make informed decisions when deciding on your childs first steps into education.


Only the Best Nurseries

Once you've found a nursery that meets your criteria, you can easily get in touch with them directly through our platform.

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Save up to 63% on Nursery Fees

Sign up to today and get started on your journey to a cost effect solution to childcare. Save up to 63% with our supportive scheme and choose the nursery you always wanted.

How it works for parents.

We are on a mission to solve the childcare crisis for parents, using our cost reduction tool is the best place to start.

Nurseries on our platform are easy to search for and we work with them so that they can clearly explain all of the benefits of their setting.

Helping you to make an informed decision about where your child is going to be educated during their early years.

  • Step One

    Use our Salary Exchange Calculator to find out how much can save.

  • Step Two

    Receive your calculation and discuss with our team.

  • Step Three

    Start saving and reduce your nursery fees by up to 58%.

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How much can I save?

Employees make savings on their tax and personal benefits when they switch to paying for their childcare under our salary sacrifice scheme.

Depending on how much tax you pay, these savings can be as much as 63%.

The payments come straight out of your gross pay, which reduces your monthly salary. Because of this reduction in salary, there is a reduction on income tax and National Insurance payments.

Its a win win for everyone!

Find your nursery today.

Kinsail not only supports parents with affordable childcare, we are also supporting nurseries.

Our aim is to ensure nurseries have extra capacity to grow and increase their available services to parents.

Search our marketplace today to see if your nursery is part of the Kinsail Community.

Kinsail Advice and Guidance

We’ve been hard at work understanding and answering the common questions parents face and need answers to. Take a look below and read more on the early education journey and how to save thousands with our scheme.

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